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The Articles of the Tuatha deDannan

Following the tattered journal left behind in the Red Kite Crypt by a nameless gnommish explorer, the party must venture across the wide expanses of Thea in search of articles belonging to the legendary band of adventureres, the Tuatha de Dannan.

Plot points/Scenes

Find the Tattered Journal

Finding GaeBulg
Finding Dreemur
Finding the Skull of Aquila
Finding the Prayer Beads of Estian Sovrosk
Finding the Efretti Gloves
Finding the Article of Terileth Tambelon
Finding Willan's Cowl
Finding Ghost Edge
Finding Ariffi's Harp
Finding the Icon of Benile Gwenris
Finding The Homing Compass
Finding the Hammer of Barok G'garn



Durring the times of their travels, the Tuatha de Dannan fought many great evils and gained vast stores of wealth and powerful arcane items. It is still thought that most of these lie locked away in their hidden stronghold of High Hall.



Aquire the treasure of the Tuatha de Dannan locked away in the vault under High Hall.


Finding the Tattered Journal


The vault will be able to be unlocked only on the winter solstice.




Braxton Hale


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