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Verdant Keep

The Heart of Eryll Tahl'Rei

At first glance, the massive Great Oak tree overshadows all other features of Eryll Tahl'Rei. However, it takes only a moment to realize that this tree boasts stone structures intricately woven into its bark and branches. Beyond the initial exterior of the trunk, more towering oaks form the outer pillars of the palace's two magnificent wings. And to crown the Keep as a true fusion of manmade and natural wonder, the enchanting royal gardens contains only the most fantastic fauna of the lands.

Purpose / Function

During the early periods of its construction, Chieftess Xolara built the Verdant Keep as the base to the united forces of the Aelt, Neir, and Meisan tribes. As construction progressed, the building served as a fortress, becoming the focal point for the growing settlement of Eryll Tahl'Rei. When Xolara ascended as first queen of the Kingdom of the Evergreens and Eryll Tahl'Rei became the first capital city, the Verdant Keep became the home of the Eri dynasty. It still served as the capital's main fortress before being completely transitioned as a palace for the royal family.


When the Verdant Keep became the home of the Eri dynasty, the structure's size was effectively doubled with the addition of two wings to serve as the royal family's residence. During his reign, King Xolaron Ke an Eri also added the massive royal gardens in honor of his mother, Xolara.


The Verdant Keep is based in a great oak tree that Xolara had magically nourished to an extraordinary size. Its architecture combines wood and stone for the building's walls in both its fortress and palace sections. The color green prominently features in the Verdant Keep's theme, especially in its embellishments. Plants and other greenery consistently adorn the exterior of the Verdant Keep, though they double to obscure defensive measures integrated in the structure.


In 497 BT, Chieftess Xolara of the Aelt tribe ordered the construction of a fortress. Due to its integration in a massive Oak tree grown by Xolara's magic, it remained in use even as the building of the fortress continued. Construction of the Verdant Keep finished in 284 BT.

The Verdant Keep remained a fortress and focal point of Eryll Tahl'Rei as the city evolved from a hub settlement to a full-scale city. With the establishment of the Kingdom of the Evergreens, Eryll Tahl'Rei became its capital and added another purpose to the Verdant Keep: to serve as the home of the Eri dynasty. Xolara once again ordered construction on the Verdant Keep to add facilities that made it more appropriate as a royal palace, which finished in 112 KT. With Queen Xolara's abdication in 1000 KT, the Verdant Keep completely ceased being a fortress, serving only as the home of House Eri.

Parent Location
Owning Organization

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The Building Times

From the Building to the Rise of Kingdoms

  • 497 BT to 284 BT
    Construction of the Verdant Keep
    Construction beginning/end

    Construction of the Verdant Keep serves as the basis for Eryll Tahl'Rei's establishment.

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    Verdant Keep
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