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The Pearl

The concept was created by Ivan Sanchez and built by Jama Simponi, both natives from the island in which it was built and well known architects.
The Pearl is a highrise office tower in downtown Plavit, one of the tallest buildings in the country. It was known for having a sphere on top of it, but it was changed into a spike.

Purpose / Function

Originally, been thought as a multi-enterprise office building, 37 companies had bought at least one floor of the building, but nowadays, even thought a single company owns it all, the purpose is mostly still the same. Also, it serves as a turism point for those appasionate for modern and tall towers, and its known all over the country for that same thing. It is considered to be an icon of the modern revolution in the country, and still is a main icon for the island.


It was built a spike on top of it in order to be the highest building in the country again.


Originally it was sold to 37 companies that wanted entire floors, and it worked out really good, but when it was renovated in 1981, Sony owned the last 50 floors and managed to buy all the rest of it. They included a big spike on top of the building so that it was a few meters higher than the recently finished Omen Hotel (293 m), building that stole the title of the highest building, but ended up being the second after the company decided that The Pearl had to be the higher, so they did, and The Pearl kept the title until 2002 as the spike that was introduced that same year elevated its altitude from 271 meters, up to 297. Nowadays, even thought it is not the highest building, it has international recognition and multiple awards, attracting hundreds of turists every year to contemplate its beauty.

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