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Utopia is a project based around the idea of a drastically different version of Earth, maybe not the best version of Earth, but surely a different take on it.  


  The main focus of this project is NOT to glorify any type of real life ideology or figureheads or supression against human rights of any form, but instead, it is aimed at making a different version of Earth. In this timeline, you will find, amongst other stuff, that fascism survives as does the nazi ideology. This is, as I said, NOT meant to represent any kind of glorification towards the real life ideology, but is rather focused on providing a different perspective on a different world with different people, while still offering inmersive experience to those wanting to inmerse themselves into my words, as well as providing several plot opportunities for my stories.  

Main focus of the project

  The main focus of this project is escapism on it most purest form, mixed my my love for military equiment and tactics, as well as modern history.  

What can I find here?

  • Lots of amazing artwork, most of which will be focused around alternate military designs
  • Alternate ideologies, ideas, cultures, languages, and global politics
  • Alternate history
  • Alternate geography of our beloved planet Earth; very different while still recognizable

Outstanding countries

  There are going to be five main countries in which I will focus more than the rest, which are: Yudonia, Colombia, Germany, Iberia, and Concorde.   Yudonia is a group of islands in the middle of the mediterranean sea, with lots of different cultures on them that live together with some conflicts.   Colombia is a semi-utopian version of the real country, with similar culture and a better political system and laws, as well as a vast territory.   Iberia is a federation of states located on the Iberian peninsula, with a large amount of cultures, languages, peoples and opinions, all coming together on the first European federation which has survived for centuries.   Concordia is, as some people have said, a more elegant, formal, federalized and overall better version of the United States of America, being the second most prominent superpower in the continent.   Both Colombia, and Yudonia, as well as any other country in the planet, would be a unique country and have its own language, goverment, laws and territories.   And lastly, Germany. Now, this timeline is very much different than ours in many ways, the main one being the fact that WW2 is won by a combined effort between Germany, UK, Iberia and Colombia, amongst others. This, combined with there being no hate towards the jew population of Europe by the nazi ideology, forces the ideology to evolve into an interventionist, unitary agenda with a semi-planned economy and a centralized head of state: the führer. The nazi ideology evolves after the victory in WW2 against the French and Italians, after which Germany is made a powerhouse within Europe both economically and militarily, becoming very close friends with the UK, and never attempting any kind of mass massacre as they did in our world. Fascism eventually evolves into a federalized nationalistic ideology that replaces communism, and with time, the whole idea of an aryan race is forgotten as pan-europeanism starts to rise.