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The Weeping Stone

Found in the heart of Levi'i lands, the weeping stone is said to have stood there for thousands of years. When wind blows through the sizable holes in the rock, it sounds like high-pitched weeping, hence the name. The Levi'i say it was a natural formation of the rock, though it is oddly placed in the center of a clearing. Since a phenomenon such as this has never been seen before, tourists flock to the area in hopes to see it with their own eyes. It is heavily watched, however, and only a few people are allowed in at a time. The tourism is actually handled by a group of Levi'i Priests, and they see to it themselves that no one tampers with the stone.  
The Levi'i claim the stone to be the talking piece of their 'wind spirit', and are quite territorial of it. However, the flood of tourists were no match for their words, and the Levi'i have since resigned themselves to the masses. They have since enacted some safety precautions in hopes of keeping the stone intact.
Text 122, on Landmarks and Their Meaning  

Lynar Trouper

The finding of the stone is commonly attributed to Lynar Trouper, a well-known explorer who actually found a couple other relics in his time. This was about 9,000 years ago, in 9058 BG, and it was he who gave the stone its name. It was his friend, in fact, who first discussed the religious potential of the stone, and started the belief.  

Smei Tav

The aforementioned friend of Lynar, Smei Tav was the first person to worship the stone as an artifact created by the spirits. He would meditate next to it, trying to decipher its wails, and often came to Lynar talking about what he'd heard. Later, he passed this belief onto his children, and soon everyone knew of the stone.  

Feli'i Saung

The first Levi'i to see the profit tourism could turn, Saung was a bird of business. He was one of the key players in making the Levi'i population accept tourism, and he changed how the stone was documented. Though a more recent addition to the history books, Feli'i has had a great effect on the stone, and will not be forgotten any time soon.


20 Feet  


Levi'i Territory  

Number of Holes

23, but we think someone counted one twice

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