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Badlands - Mar Genyon

Overlapping the neutral boundary between Mar-Genyon and Dhul Gurum, the Badlands are a desert wasteland of harsh conditions. A large, purple tinged cloud perpetually rages above with spikes of jagged green lightning, while below, sands still warm with the explosion that destroyed the land whip about in sandstorms and dust devils. Those that have tried to venture in either don’t return, or come back mad, gibbering of monsters and large ebon spikes of stone. Magic doesn’t work as intended, spells sometimes failing outright, more often with unintended consequences.   This land was once fertile grasslands, used for agriculture, on a continent that does not have a lot of arable land. Border skirmishes between Talaruen and Dhul Ghurum were common, and often fields were destroyed in the process, rending the land useless.   During the war the mages developed a large scale magical bombardment spell, designed to have enough arcane might to win the war for the end. This was successful, but resulting in the magical fallout now referred to locally as the badlands.   Expeditions into the badlands to discover how to restore the land have been sent, but few return. Those that do are often mad, and end up killing themselves after raving about mysterious figures locked in stone, and of the crushing weight of a being from beyond the edge of reality.   The squat, ugly city of Trader's bay sits on the edge of the Badlands, grown from the merchants and whores attracted to what was originally a military watchpost, to ensure that arcanologists could study the swirling storms and magical flux in relative safety. Nowadays it has become a strong trading port, and smuggling town, the original purpose of the keep long abandoned, and all but forgotten by it's current inhabitants.
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