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The Glass Tower

The Glass tower is one of a number of similar structures that can be found scattered all across Myrth. It is by far the tallest, not only by it's own height, but by it's location as well. It sit's atop the tallest peek in the Silverspire Mountains overlooking the continent of Atone. Because of it's remote location and ancient roots many have forgotten it even exists, but the dwarves have a long memory and keep impeccable records of anything they deem might be significant. The strange alien tower sitting on the highest point of the deadly mountains at their back just seemed like a reasonable addition to their library although none had made the trek in recent years and seen it with their own eyes. There is a sort of pathway winding through the chilled inner depths of the mountains that leads to the base of the tower, but it is not an easy journey and, besides, what would be the point. Sure it was beautiful, and true the material it was made with was foreign, but that was all the lure it really held. The tower stood seven stories tall, it's delicate structure and carefully carved walls looked liable to break apart at barely a touch, yet it easily withstood the howling winds so common at such a high elevation. Strange creatures were carved into the walls at the very top of the tower, silently staring down the empty interior of the tower all the way to the bottom floor. Gargoyles have long ago come to roost amongst these statues.

Purpose / Function

These ancient structures are a library of sorts. They are used to keep the history and important knowledge that might otherwise be lost.


A tall elegant structure built with a material found nowhere else on myrth. The stone is like a clear crystal that in some places becomes a slightly opaque white, and stronger than diamond.
SG 500
Alternative Names
Sinal Mirre
Monument, Large
Parent Location

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