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Royal Palace of Ptakpi

Much older than Rinor as a kingdom, Ptakpi Palace dates back to at least the height of the Enondish Empire, when it was used as the seat of government and court for the western capital.   Nestled on the shore of Long Lake in the City of Sevan, the palace buildings and grounds command a stunning view of the water, However, as residents of the city are well aware, the lake brings with it howling winds coming down out of the north, bringing snow in the winter and biting winds in the summer. The palace buildings, therefore, have very few windows facing the lake itself, as a defense against the wind and weather.

Purpose / Function

The palace and grounds house the government and state buildings for the Kingdom of Rinor. The palace complex consists of the Residence, where the monarch lives day-to-day, the Council Chambers, where official government business is conducted, the Hall of Judgement, where the monarch and High Judges acts as the final arbiters in the justice system, and numerous official and personal-but-entailed other properties of the monarch.


Over the years, outbuildings have been added and the complex has grown considerably. In addition, in the last 50 years or so, Artifice devices have been installed throughout the palace, providing light and temperature control to buildings that had very little in the way of either until then.


The buildings and courtyards are constructed of granite in the Enondish style, with great stone towers and halls, supported by buttresses. All the buildings are built to an elegant Enondish design, but also built to stand the test of time in the harsh conditions here at the southern end of the Long Lake.   Grand underground passageways connect most of the buildings, for use during the winter when the snows can be feet deep. There are very few windows actually facing the lake, but grand courtyards and plazas exist for use along the lake in the hot summer months. The palace includes a boathouse for the royal yacht and for the royal barge.
Parent Location

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