The Face of Finn

The Face of Finn is the sculptured face of a dwarf carved into the side of the vast mountain that holds the Kingdom of Karag-Finn, behind which sits a cavernous complex of workshops, forges and artisan's studios. The Face is exactly 729 feet in height from the top of its brow to the base of its beard, and is constructed approximately four fifths of the way up the mountain's 12,000 feet height, with its serious, slightly stern visage keeps watch in exactly a southerly direction.


Started in BF124, the Face itself took 52 years to complete along with the simultaneous construction of the complex behind it. The workshops, forges and attached residences have continued to expand and grow throughout its existence, adapting to the overall needs of the community within Karag-Finn.

Purpose / Function

The complex was designed to be a place for dwarves to labour and practice their craft in the myriad of workshops and forges doing so in accordance to the First Writ of The Catechisms of Adrudar and the Faladrun faith, as is practiced by all who dwell in Karag-Finn. The Face of Finn was seen as outward expression of this craft, a literal statement of the skill of those who toiled and laboured in its creation, the aspect of the Maker in a physical form. The products of the complex, be they tools, weapons, armour, or other crafts also serve as one of the main trade goods for Karag-Finn.


With the completion of the Face in BF72, it was decreed that the Maker's Writ should be further edified upon the monument. The entire 81 staves of the Catechisms were then carved across its surface in 3 inch high runes taking another 107 years to complete, to further extol the message contained within.

Location type

Artisan's Centre / Religious Complex
Owning Organization

Cover image: by Photo by Pigoff PhotographY on Unsplash


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Very interesting, I do have a fable for dwarves.   I would recommend adding an excerpt or clean mention linking to your article on The Catechisms of Adrudar so that readers can get a descriptive tooltip when hovering over it, and I would also add a bb tooltip to at least your first use of your BF reckoning, telling readers what it stands for and any other information about the age it represents; one sentence will do nicely.   I also recommend adding about two article blocks underneath your sidebar, seeing how you have plenty of room, and it will make your article look more alive and interactive.   Good job, hope the comment helps ^_^!

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The Travelers Guide to Aqualon
Geographic Location | Jan 25, 2019

The Travlers Guide to Aqualon by Thadeus Fletcher was a regular column in the HJT Gazette in the 1580s GE. ~ 1195 Words

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Excellent article! I love the visual it produces that the forges and smiths behind the face are its 'brain'. I will say though that your header image threw me off as it made me expect more of a seaport than a mountainous region.

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It's the standard header with the CSS theme I'm using (I'm no wiz at that stuff) so once I have a more appropriate image I'll alter. :)

Adeline Dragon
3 Jul, 2018 00:30

I could easily see the face in my mind's eye. Was the face based on anyone in Karag-Finn in particular?