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The Oasis

The Oasis is the center-most point of I.N.T. City and is where all of the current society original presided from. Nobody knows where the wondrous structure came from, but the beginning of the end is always an interesting place to start your beginning, is it not?

Purpose / Function

The building exists for the exact purpose of spawning in different buildings, animals, species, civilizations, vehicles and more. It is considered the backbone of the modern day. Nothing that currently exists and will exist, would be here if it wasn't for the might of this building.


Many alterations have been made to this building as society has grown. The first major alteration was the addition of separating the floors by what spawns there, so a cave system was added to the bottom of the mass and buildings now spawn at the basement level . Vehicles appear at the first floor and are added into society based on use and capability. Plants arrive at the third floor, New Species on the fourth, and most importantly, new humanoids and intelligent beings are added on the fifth floor, where there are approximately 350 rooms for spawning. Each room is equipped with ten pods for new arrivals, and an employee armed with medical training and psyche analyzing equipment. All of your capabilities are displayed to the employee, and you will then be given to the Reeducation center so that everyone knows how to speak the chosen language, a sort of... Common ground.


The building has somehow managed to find architectural genius from most styles and incorporated everything from Gothic arches to modernized design, as if it was crafted by the most meticulous of people.


The history of the building is rather unknown at this time, but it is being investigated each day as new information is provided to it's staff and employees.
World wonder

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Guild Feature

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