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The Great Library of Adris Eleos

The Great Library is one of the most important places of Eridania, being one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is a colossal construction Iocated in the acropolis of Adris Eleos, near the Council Hall complex, which was built by the order of Isis Asteris , originally intended to guard the Council Archives. Currently, it is the largest collection of books in the world and maybe even in the Universe, containing the entire written history of Eridania.

Purpose / Function

The Library was originally built to hold the Council Archives, but eventually became something larger over the years. Currently, the collection contains a copy (or in some cases, the original copy) of each book that has been written in Eridania, including many rare volumes. It also has records of all meetings and laws sanctioned by the Elder Council, birth records, proof of purchase and sale of properties, peace treaties, contracts, records of important judgments, tax receipts, maps, among other various documents.


The library started only with the building where the Archives are located, which was smaller than it is today. After the foundation of the Royal Academy, the need to store knowledge grew, so the Council sanctioned the reform and enlargement of the site. Then the library gained its current main hall (which was also originally smaller than today), the outer gardens, accommodation for the staff (archivists, researchers, seekers, among others), the astronomy tower, and the four smaller towers, where the stairs are located.


The library is a five-story building, made of blocks of light gray stone, extracted from the mountains of the kingdom of Oagard. It has tall and wide windows, made with frosted glass, which provide plenty of lighting for the interior of the building. The main doors of the construction are thick, to muffle the external noise, made of oak, with locks and hinges of adamant steel.   The interior of the building is filled with mahogany shelves from the ceiling to the floor. All floors open onto a central atrium. The ceiling of the building is painted with frescoes retracting several moments of Eridanian history. The artificial lighting of the building is all made with enchanted lamps, since no type of flame is allowed in the library.   In addition to the main building, there are two smaller annex buildings, one with the Council Archives and the other with the library staff dormitories. There are also five towers, four in each corner of the main building, where are the stairs that lead to the upper floors, and the astronomy tower, in the south side of the building. Outside the library, there are small gardens where people can read. In the basements are the laboratories, where the restoration of old and / or damaged books is done.
Alternative Names
The Library
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