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Mt. Kan

Mt. Kan is a active volcano located on the continent of Ghyr Maeruth, and viewed as a holy place by the Daka. The volcano eruptions are usually not very large, just usually enough for the effects to not reach much farther than the edges of the small continent. The volcano erupts on a consistent basis, usually very close to exactly two years, and many suspect that some type of magic is the cause for this phenomenon.  

General Perception

Many different cultures have heard about a ferocious volcano that destroys an entire continent year after year, and have created phrases about that. In northern Arabys, the phrase "May Kan release its wrath upon you" translated from Quay is a common curse to throw at someone. In Oss, they invoke the sense of a fresh start provided by an eruption as a phrase when a large mistake has been made, and the person would like everything to be swept away to to start anew. They usually say something close to "May Kan sweep it away." Although it is safe to assume not everyone knows the origins of these sayings.

Purpose / Function

Mt. Kan is viewed as a sacred location by the Daka. Once a Daka youth reaches a certain age, they are sent on a pilgrimage to the peak of Mt. Kan. While it can be dangerous, the tribe times the voyage so they reach the mountain when the volcano is its least active. It it at the peak that they are supposed to have their encounter with the Firefox, Fyo Tog, who will grant them pyromantic abilities.
Parent Location

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