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The Garden of Prophecy and Memory

Painful, beautiful, and illuminating memories that are put to rest at The Isle of Forgetting grow here as fruits and can become warnings to those fit to receive them.

Purpose / Function

This will be a location where the characters can gather small bits of insight about their personal quests that will be just enough to point them in the right direction. After every story arc (2-4 sessions long), they will be allowed to visit this garden with specific questions in mind and see if any of the memories here apply to them.


The Garden of Prophecy and Memory was originally created for Aarakocra and was just an island of Memory. Because they live such short lives, and often spent so much time travelling that they did not have time to properly chronicle everything, they needed an efficient way of passing beneficial information down to their kin.   The Garden works in junction with the nearby Isle of Forgetting. When an Aarakocra nears the end of their life, they make the journey to the Isle of Forgetting, and select memories they deem as important for preservation. Through a process, the memories are then taken from them and begin to grow in the Garden.   In the garden, the memories grow in the form of fruit on trees. At the time of the Forgetting, the Aarakocra would choose specific people, lineages, or conditions that would be able to witness their memories. If someone in the garden who met the specifications of the Forgetter walked by, a tree with that memory, it would fall from the tree, allowing them to consume the fruit and gain the memory, while a new fruit grew in its place.   Over time, the Garden became under the direction of The Watcher and became accessible by all races. People began to visit the Isle of Forgetting not just to pass on knowledge, but also to forget difficult parts of their lives.   As the magic grew and D'Voire Rejarde developed their divination abilities, The Watcher and many under her became prophetic. Their prophecies would grow in the Garden as well and could be consumed the same way, only, the prophets would not decide who would see their visions, that was decided for them.
Parent Location

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