Isles of Vithala

February 24th, 14208 ACV

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Welcome to the Ancient Seas. Unlike Mendor, there are no gods or overarching rulerships to govern them; instead, powerful creatures known as Sea Monsters have warred against each other, casually wrecking civilizations as collateral damage, or amassing followers through via fear. It is always a chaotic power struggle, with very few in history maintaining significant enough power to truly be considered as ruler of the Seas.   You have seen this chaos on your journey: you have fought off hordes of sea beasts, survived encounters with the Pirate Coven, and navigated through battles of titanic Elementals. While most of the journey has been perilous, you have found small pockets of order: islands or small countries that have managed to overcome sea monsters and hold them down long enough for civilizations to thrive.   Vithala is one such civilization, an archipelago that seems to have found order and guidance. But most importantly, it is home to the secrets of one very special drug addict.