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The Breathing Stones

Around them was the soft sound of deep, echoing breaths. Though it was quiet, it seemed to suffocate any other sound, and no one spoke a word. The towering stone structures peppered the barren fields and from them came the even, haunting breathing as the wind rushed through their strange shapes. It was no wonder people claimed it was haunted.

Purpose / Function

The massive stone carvings that are set up about the field are specially made to capture the wind in a certain way that makes it sound like breathing. This was done in order to memorialize the hundreds of thousands that died during the Zwen War at the last battlefield. Each stone represents one thousand last breaths taken in the name of the war. Many people leave flowers on Peace Day; the day the peace treaty was signed and the Zwen Wars ended.


Other than the stones, there are small touring buildings on the edges of the battlefield. Most of these have been turned into museums of some sort, and often have educational resources and artifacts from the Zwen War. They're often small and simple, made of stone so it doesn't burn easily with solar-powered roofs that power the entire building. Past these buildings, the battlefield is left as it is, other than "ground zero"; where the enidia originated from. A small crater and a single rectangular pillar that reads the story of the last battle in the Zwen War is the only thing that marks it.


The last battlefield in the Zwen Wars was created when someone activated a powerful enidia; a special ability that comes from a mutation in the soul. The enidia caused all life nearby to wither and die, and hundreds of years later the fields that were once rich with life still will not grow anything. The armies of both sides were almost entirely wiped out. No one is sure who activated the enidia or which side they were on; at that point it didn't matter much. From there, the peace treaty was signed. A group of people who had lost their families and friends in the war began to set the stones; an artist showed them how to carve the stones in the specific way to make them breathe.
Battlesite / Battlefield


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