The Pillar of Progress (Pillar of Perseverance)

"This monument was built thousands of years ago by our ancestors. It was built as a reminder that no matter our disadvantages, no matter our weaknesses, no matter our shortcomings, we can shine with brilliance together. After today it will be more then just a reminder, it will be a symbol. A symbol shining in the sky to show all proof of what we have accomplished as a nation, and a promise that we will shine even brighter!"   Speech made by President Poji Wardri at the Pillar Ascension ceremony

Purpose / Function

The ancient gnomish people, who were mercilessly hunted and slaughtered by catfolk for sport, built the Pillar of Perseverance in defiance to them. To show them their strength in unity and that they would never falter in their fight. It was a physical representation of their spirit and despite numerous attempts to destroy it, the catfolk tribes never succeeded in its destruction. In the modern day, the gnomish people have taken control of a vast majority of the continent and industrialized it. In representation of that change, new technologies and arcane inventions were introduced to the structure in order for it to float high into the sky and shine with glittering brilliance. After that day it was renamed to the Pillar of Progress, and became a testament of the people's strength and there promise to accomplish even greater tasks.


Originally just a plain 100 ft stone pillar, its transformation from the Pillar of Perseverance to Progress required additions. To make it shine brightly, the black opals along its length were removed and replaced by light infused rainbow opals. The main structure was reinforced with bands of metal and struts were added around its base to improve stability. A large section of the ground around the structure was excavated to allow a smooth transition for its ascension. Finally, underneath the ground a basement was built to serve as the main housing for the channeling engine and its genie power source. All in order for it to be lifted safely from the ground and into the sky.


The pillar was constructed with stone bricks in a slightly shrinking fashion. So its width grew smaller the further up it went until it ended in four prongs carved from a single stone block at its top. Its sides were carefully polished and smoothed to make it look like a single stone surface. Its sides were adorned with black opals in a straight line pattern up each of its sides. When changes were made so it could float in the sky, trenches were carved around its width so steel bands could be wrapped around for support while still maintaining its smooth appearance. The metal supports were attached to points 30ft up the tower and anchored into the ground that accompanied the pillar in its ascent.


When it was first constructed it became a major target by the catfolk raiders. Unending attacks were made to destroy it and the gnomes spirit with it. But despite their best efforts, no matter how many attacks they launched, the catfolk were never able to destroy it. The pillar many suffered damages from these attacks. But those scars were quickly repaired to restored the pillar after each assault.   After the founding of the Confederacy of the Gnomelands, the first president took his pledge of office in the pillar's shadow. Since then it has become a popular location to take pledges of power, commitment, and promise.   Ever since an attack to bring the floating pillar down by a group of catfolk, the monument has had its own official detachment of the military. Permanently assigned to assure its protection. This detachment consist of 5 airships, 100 soldiers, and 10 defensive battle-casters.
Monument, Large
Owning Organization