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The Changing Gate

Once, the Changing Gate was invisible to the naked eye, a shimmer indicating the thin wall between the Feywild and the Expanse. After the establishment of the city of Deyok around it, and the cult of the Sumer and Winter Queen rose up, the Gate became a sacred place and a practical trade and travel route. Construction to make the passage easier and veneration more accessible has led to a mishmash of architecture and materials that marks the path to and from the gate. All attempts to force form onto the Gate have failed however, though the Queen's magic shows which season it is in Deyok - regardless of the climate in neighboring areas.

Purpose / Function

Initially a thin place between realms, this is now the main doorway between the Feywild and the city of Deyok. The cult of the Summer and Winter Queens also has come to view this as a sacred place, with two temples on each side of the gate.


The very nature of this gate means that alternations are constantly being made. The Gateguard serves as both the military and guard force for the city, as well as a corps of engineers to help ensure that the Gate continues to be functional and stable while it shifts under the whims of the Queens.


The Gate seems to sprout from the earth itself, with deep blue lines that etch up pillars that, by season, seem to be made of thick wrapped vines or imposing marble and granite. Every season, the Gateguard holds a contest for artisans to carve the new growth of the Gate, resulting an ever-growing artistic monument to the ages of Teonyss's settlement. Few can see the very top of the Gate anymore, except great climbers and those with flight, but if they use a careful eye, they can see that the earliest carvings pre-date the arrival of the Winter and Summer Queens, a fact that confounds scholars.
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