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Scar of the Cataclysm

Purpose / Function

Simply a deep, wide crater with many fissures in the ground emanating from it. The impact zone of a celestial body millennia ago that struck the earth, causing the Great Cataclysm. It is only now seeing overgrowth, with its deepest bodies becoming rivers and lakes. The meteor has been taken to Ereldur for study, and the hole is the sight of visitation from scholars and tourists, owing to its significance in the destruction of the old world and blight it wrought.


The woodlands teamed with life from fey and human alike in the wonderous old world. When the asteroid struck, all that was wiped away and the chaos it brought destroyed the civilizations. Since then, the dust clouds have gone, the ash blown away. The barren plateau is seeing a return of trees and vegetation. Water now flows through the deepest ravines and grass grows over the ridges.


A state sized crater left in the ground from where the celestial body struck the earth a millennium ago. A thousand years ago, the great plateau was a forested region where man and fey lived in cities and towns, and the great city of Dirge rose at the approach to the mountain passes. When the meteor struck the planet, the shockwave flattened the landscape and blasted the trees away. The dust could kicked up choked the air over half the world, snuffing out the sun and bringing about an ice age. The mighty city of Dirge, and countless others in the cosmopolitan heartland of the old world, were wiped away. The impact fissured the land, sending ravines, ridges, and valleys throughout Lothringun, some of which have become rivers. The meteor, or what remained of it, was excavated from the crater and is held in the Ereldur for study. The mighty scar left in the earth is the subject of scholarly interest and tourism, as well as an obstacle for people trying to get through to the mountains. The abandoned ruins of the city of Dirge rises in the distance as a rare survivor the Cataclysm, another popular sight for pilgrimage and scholarly visits
Alternative Names
Strike of the Gods, Calamitous Crater

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