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The Champions Arena

"This is where true Champions are forged, not in some muddy ditch no ones heard of!" - Rickas The Thrice Slain, Arena Master
  One of the main attractions within the City of Treba is The Champions Arena. Each week people gather to witness the members of The Champions Lodge battle deadly and terrifying monsters. Tournaments are also held as an initiation for those who wish to join The Lodge. It can hold approximately 2000 individuals.

Purpose / Function

The Champions Arena serves two main purposes. Its main function is as an arena to hold numerous public spectacles, most notable of which are the regular battles with dangerous monsters that have been captured from around The Freelands. Its secondary function is as a training ground for The Champions of The Freelands. While this was originally the structures main purpose it has become less important as the years have passed.


Over the years successive Grand Champions have made several alterations to the arena that began as a simple training field for The Lodge. The most obvious of these are the three distinct layers that can be seen within the arena itself, each to further expand the building's capacity. In addition to these several sub-levels have been constructed below the arena grounds which are used to contain various captured monsters for the fights as well as fighters to prepare.


The Champions Arena is a large circular structure with three distinct levels. The lowest level, like many of the older buildings in Treba, is made from red brick and forms a simple wall around the arena grounds. The second layer is the largest addition to the structure and is made from the distinct dark stone from the Blackridge Mountains. The third and newest layer is constructed with wattle and daub and includes several private viewing areas for more esteemed guests. There are a total of twenty-four turrets surrounding the outside of the building each with a conical roof.


The Champions Arena began its existence as a simple training ground for the members of the adjacent Champions Lodge. Over the years crowds would often gather to watch the sparring and Grand Champion Lorearthan expanded the training grounds into the first iteration of the Champions Arena and held tournaments every four months to recruit new members. Under Grand Champion Xanhorn the arena was again expanded, seeing the financial potential of the building she held events monthly and began the now famous monster trials. The final expansion was ordered by Grand Champion Iriesys and is considered by many to be the point when the Champions Lodge's focus shifted away from slaying monsters to protect the people of The Freelands.
Battlesite / Battlefield
Related Tradition (Primary)

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