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On the west coast of Aluin the mountains lie where the dwarves where first introduced to the world. Out of reverence for the rustic beauty of the mountains the dwarves had refused to name them, but after the the undead scourge the mountain was named Bitafjall, which loosely translates from dwarvish to “The Split Mountain”.   During the last days of the siege of the Karak Tidig King Stormguard returned. Wielding the evighet he struck the dragon Onyxia in the cavern in front of Karak Tidig. A blinding light filled the cavern and, as it subsided, King Stormguard was dead. Before his dead body the mangled corpse of the dragon lay and, more impressively, the mountain was cut in two. The fissure extended from the gates of Karak Tidig to the valley in the southeast of the mountain. This crevice has been turned into a road that leads directly to the Karak, which makes it the only major dwarven settlement that can be easily reached.   After the basic reconstruction of the city Kegs of dwarves began being gripped by Dwarven Inspiration. They gathered at the starting point of the crevice and began building. Nearly two hundred years later their work was finished. An immense statue of King Stormguard stood there, with a replica of evighet burning in his hand that looked so lifelike travelers often need to be convinced to pass beneath it. As the statue was finished Karak Tidid, which meant “The first Karak” was officially renamed to Karak Bitafjall , in honor of the Grodmolim Stormguard.
Alternative Names
The Split Mountain
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