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The Tower

A massive tower made of red granite with few decorations goes above the clouds and stands out against the flat plain surrounding it giving it a view for kilometers including the prisoner camp close by the base of the tower.   Has a total of 100 floors above ground and another 20 underground. The Top floor is the Grey Watchers housing the one below it is the council room where important decisions are made by the Grey Watcher and Unhooded. The ten below that is housing for each of the Unhooded. The eight below that is the various offices and war-rooms. Ten below that is the storage rooms. Twenty below that is the dorms of the Grey Cowls. Ten below that are the training and classrooms. Twenty below that are the dorms of the Brown Cowls. the twenty below that is the massive multi floor library. the first ten basement floors are the dangerous experiment labs and interrogation rooms. the other basement rooms are used for dangerous storage of artifacts and people.

Purpose / Function

Was built shortly after the fall of the Vanaras Empire by an alliance of dwarves and humans to protect against something like the second great incursion from ever happening again. and used as the headquarters of the Grey Cowls.


An underground complex has been created to assist in creating a safe environment for experiments and housing the powerful prisoners that may yet be to useful to execute outright.


Made entirely out of granite and reinforced during its creation by the dwarves ancient technique of binding magic into the structure and strengthening it tenfold.


has been under siege a total of 3 times since its creation once when the prison camps rioted and seized equipment but was quickly quelled when the original Grey Watcher allowed the remaining Grey Cowls within the tower to use lethal force those who survived the the onslaught of Mythic Dragon's Breath spells along with Fire Snake spells burning and purging the poorly equipped and organized prisoners. The other two sieges are just by name both being during the reign of the second Grey Watcher being small easily crushed armies of Vishkanyas arrogant in their belief they could destroy them for what they had been doing in the Vishkanya kingdom.
Tower, Mage
Owning Organization

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