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The Tower

The tower is the tallest structure that exists in the basin. Standing in the dead centre, this landmark rises as high as the tallest peak and can be seen by all. To even walk around the base once takes hours of the day. None of The Missing is aware of its origins but there are some defining factors that set it apart from everything else.

First of all, it is nowhere near as old as any other unnaturally formed structure built by the previous occupants. The tower shows no sign of age or even degradation from constant exposure to the elements. Everything else is either in ruins or is in a state of current or completed repair. Secondly, there is the issue of architectural style. It appears to be comprised of a single cylinder of stone, almost entirely unblemished. There are bands carved into the stone with strange markings within, set at even distances running up the entire length. Or so it's speculated.

Even weirder is the complete lack of doors or windows. There is no way in and no way out. It cannot be climbed and due to its height, even the drifters with their powerful wings can't reach the top. It stands resilient to anything and everything. Destructive force bounces off like flies against a window pane and the ground itself is impervious to even Earth manipulators.

It stands alone, shrouded in mystery. It was only a matter of time before the rumours started. Many theories have been thrown around, but probably the most common and certainly most stubborn, are due to Crows and Magpies. These groups believe that the tower is, in fact, a highly fortified safe, holding unimaginable wealth and treasure. Who put it there? How did they put it there? Why did they even put it there? They don't care, so long as they get to it first.

Purpose / Function

The true purpose of the tower is known only by Pandemonium. It was implemented by them to serve as the End Game stage of The Iethea Project. The structure utilises specific requirements in order to be opened and to act as a gateway between The Basin and Earth.

World wonder
Parent Location
Owning Organization

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