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The Black Lake

The black sea is a large body of water, it is rich and wet and dark. Death's smell hangs in the air around the sea, and it sickens those near it. No life can be found there, of any kind. There are no carrion birds, there are no trees, there is no evidence that any thing has ever lived here or has even tried. It it not the smell of mould or rot, for not even that may grow here. Creatures that die by this water simply stay as they are, until the black water claims them. There is nothing good here, and there is no way to live or breathe here. None fly above, None tunnel below. This land is simply death.

Purpose / Function

The ancient lake is thought by some to have been created by necromancers, or some experiment intending to create eternal life. Whatever or whoever created this is surely a cursed being. If not created and truly a thing of nature, then this must be the arse of the world. None make a claim to this land, or even dare suggest it be owned at all.


The sea itself is a vacuum of all culture, and no hard border around it exists as the cost of construction would be too great. As such landmarks surround the lake at what is considered to be a safe distance. Signs in elvish are posted along the borders of the lake, and some orkish shrines may be found miles out from it where incense and perfume are permanently in place.


Anything built in the vicinity of the lake is built quickly, often with wood. Most of these constructions are Orkish, due to malodorous atmospheres being greatly feared amongst the Orkish traditions of aromatic healing. A substantive building far out from here is likely of Orkish origin. Less permanent things such as signs are made by elves, who must venture out in order to place them, and frequently suffer greatly doing so. The sickness of the lake has a great pull upon their being.


The land surrounding the black lake is unique, those near it often expressing more camaraderie than they would elsewhere. The cross between Orkish and Elvish culture here is not found anywhere else. Their combined knowledge of the area is unparalleled. Humans have little knowledge of this place, and despite all warnings they are lost to the lake more than any other race. Those thought to have escaped the land of Okan have often passed by here, and more often been lost. Some necromancers, and foreign kings have attempted to find ways to use the deadly power of the lake to their own gains, all have failed and most are considered fools. However, some are rumoured to have collected vials of the lake's deadly waters. Mercy be upon any who own or inherit such things.
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