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Mother's Embrace

In the sky surrounding New Man's Valley, an incredible aurora dances in the darkness. A Rainbowed hue, this incredible mark of beauty amongst the stars marks the boundary between the dangerous outlands and New Man's Valley itself. It is a guide post to warn lost travellers, and a beacon to welcome home those brave souls who dare to venture outside the Valley and into the irradiated wastes.   Many stories and legend surround this natural wonder. In ages past, when the Matriarch completed her journey to bind the spirits of the world to herself, she received a promise from the elusive spirits to protect this land and her descendants from the ravages of this wasted world. The second promise they followed by Teaching her descendants to bond a spirit of protection to those who dared to seek them. The first by focussing their efforts, the spirits concentrated spiritual power above the sky to protect the land from the radiation, and allow the matriarch herself to watch over her own people. To this day, she and her descendants who depart to the spirit world watch the people from above, guiding in their own ways.   Sometimes on a rare night, the Mother’s Embrace hangs low in the sky touching the tips of a treacherous mountain. Some say that those who make the journey in time will be able to communicate with their ancestors or others who have passed into the spirit world. Others say that the one who makes the journey may bond the Matriarch herself, or gain the bonds she held with the many spirits. Still others believe that an incredible owai lives within the aurora, and will grant a request or wish to one that it favours. In any case, the event is a magical phenomenon full of mystery.
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