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The Great Lens

"It is the peak of modern engineering, and it still retains that moniker even after being around for decades. Not only can a person SEE far beyond the edge of the world, there are plenty of other tricks hiding among the carefully-crafted lenses."   Excerpt from the Personal Journal of Lindan Tramach, Secondary Engineer of Glassblowing on the Ophlmatic Project.

Purpose / Function

Resting atop the perilous cliffs behind Sa'darhut, the Great Lens is more of a multi-tool than a building. It's primary purpose, when built, was to function as an ordinary lighthouse. Simple enough. As the architects began designing the structure, however, it became apparent that the climate could be leveraged in far greater ways with only minor modifications to the base model. The Great Lens, as it stands, now serves the following roles: war machine, lighthouse, scrying basin, signal tower, and a functional telescope.   War Machine: The concentrated light from the sun can be refracted through multiple lenses to cause a beam of intense heat to focus on a faraway point. It can also be used to blind enemies or be turned off to make a coastal approach much more dangerous.   Scrying Basin - The Keeper of the Lenses is able to have detailed and accurate scrying thanks to the help of the internal lenses. One by one, they can be brough over the scrying pool in order to enhance or provide a different view into a vision.   Signal Tower - Used during attacks or celebrations, several combinations of light, color, and frequencies are used to keep the citizens of Sa'darhut informed. For example, during the annual Sea Scurry, the flames atop the Great Lens are a vibrant blue and sputter as if on the verge of being extinguished.


Although the original design only included a complex network of interlocking lenses, several additions were made to the initial design before the construction was scheduled to be completed. The current structure has not undergone any alterations since the first alabaster stones were laid in the foundation.


Alabaster stone rising up in a simple, narrowing cylinder. Massive bronze arms rotate around the top of the structure, performing the various actions supplied by the structure.
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