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Ish Inskav

If he could, Roland would rub it on the Old Man's face. I was hard, but the exit was right there, waiting for him to escape.   Looking outside, through the small window, he saw a beatiful landscape, with trees and grass and birds, and started to cry.   "Finally!", he said. "I'll be finally free!"   He jumped through the small window, landing as a cat, but the ground was still stone. Looking around, there was no tree or bird. He was in his cell again. The Old Man laughed in a corner:   "Did you quit already?"   More than simply shocked, Roland fell on his knees, defeated.  
The Unescapable Prison

Purpose / Function

Ish Inskav (unescapable box) is a prison located in the top of mount Asti, in the eastern limits of Kas Atar. It is a place of ultra high security,to where governors from all over the world send their worst criminals.   Its enchanted walls, doors and traps make it look like the prisoner may be escaping, while actually they are walking in circles.


Ish Inskav has a very simple look, although things can be very different from inside.   From outside, the prison looks like a giant stone box, with windows and some towers.   The interiors can vary a lot, specially if there is someone wanting to escape: the walls modify to confuse the prisoners, and they are never able to escape.


Ish inskav was built by wizards, in the Era of High Magic. The efficiency of the prison was well approved and many similar magic buildings were made across the world.   The prison was the destiny of many famous criminals, specially political ones. Some may say that the prison is worst than death in many cases, since the prisoner will live the rest of his life without seeing anything good again.
Alternative Names
JINO (Just In, Never Out)

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28 Jul, 2018 22:28

I like your addition of the quote at the top. It adds color to the article and gives me a strong idea of what the prison is like.

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Johann Duarte
31 Jul, 2018 21:37

Thanks, Barry! The prose is my favourite part. It helps me to train my writing (I'd like to be a fiction writer) and also gives a flavour to the article.