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Redhawk Halls

The Redhawk Halls were built by the Dragonborn after they rose from the earth. In the southern regions of Arkala the Dragonborn of Redhawk built this great hall with statues of their elders. With it's sprawling grand entrance it is a sight to behold, back in the Brass Century these halls would be busy with tourists, tradespeople and Arcane worshipers looking for soloist.

Purpose / Function

This grand hall within the mountain was built as a monument to the past Dragonborn kings, also known as Perticials. To the back of the halls are secret tunnels that lead down to the chambers where the magic of Dragonborns are studied and the Gods are Worshiped. In the darker rooms and chambers contain worshipers of Tiamat which are usually frowned upon. Out the front of the halls there is an open air market where people of all races meet to trade and share goods, the Dragonborn residence patrolled the stalls and fiercely punishing anyone who was caught stealing.


Over the years large blocks of stone have been brought in and carved into past kings, as this has happened the tunnels out the back were being expanded to house more supplies and store more magical Artifacts. The exposition crew that were digging deeper and deeper had hit the bottom of their world and were in the Shadowfell, causing monsters to invade and the halls to be abandond


Large wooden doors that tower over the surroundings at 40 feet tall, they require teams of Dragonborn to open and can withstand a mighty force. The inside sees a 50 foot high, curved ceiling with a width of 70 feet at the halls widest as alcoves seat statues on each size that. The stone alone to carve each statue weighed around 300,000 lbs and took teams of Dragonborn, horses and giants to move them into place.
301 years BGW
Great hall
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