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It is said that there is a veil, one that encompasses all that exist. If only we could push past that veil, we would know the meaning of everything, and be able to ascend to places humanity has never reached before.   That is what Hereafter is in our time. It is said that beyond Grand Crevasse, beyond the impossible tall and brooding mountains of Horizon - the gateway to the end of the world - lies a massive caldera. And within that caldera stands none other than Hereafter, an ancient city created by The Vestiges - the first gods to grace this multiverse. And there within lies the Nevermore.   What is the Nevermore? None can say, as none who have set out to Grand Crevasse have lived to tell the tale. Many a foolhardy adventurer has left never to return, their whispers only remaining in myth and legend. Many an entrepreneurial fool has ventured to climb the peaks of Grand Crevasse, but many more returned as corpses: eaten, battered, broken, and if they were really lucky, only one of these conditions.   What little such a glorious place must matter, as even a single object from Hereafter would be enough to alter all concept of value and humanity. What could exist in Nevermore? Impossibly vast riches? All perfect knowledge? Infinite magical power? Perhaps even The Vestiges themselves?   Or is it all just a myth? Is Grand Crevasse simply the largest mountain at the end of the world, overlooking nothing but the emptiness of the south pole's glacier? Do we call Hereafter by this name because it is so fantastical that a real name cannot possibly suit its fictional construction? Is Nevermore never to be more than the very idea of its own existence? Or because it consumes all those who seek it out?   It matters not. Because none will ever venture forth to such a fabled place.
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Jul 6, 2018 05:46 by Dimitris Havlidis

Really nice prose Mr Fox :)

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