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The Highest Possible Tower

Constructed by Cracknuts "Sane" Potnutscrack, a wizard of great renown and peculiarity, the Highest Possible Tower is an ever-growing structure in the region near Bahl. It is known to be sinking into the swamp almost as fast as it is being built up. As far as wizard towers go, its peak is still short of that of Thatchhome in terms of height above sea level, as that other edifice is placed on one of the foothills of Seibal's Crest.

Purpose / Function

A Wizard Tower is an important piece of hardware for anyone who wants to make it big in the arcane field. Having a bigass tower from which to cast gives you not only a commanding view of the country, but also the rhetorical highground in the worldwide pecking order of wizards. The Highest Possible Tower is mostly a statement on Cracknuts's wealth of enchanting resources, which seem to be unaccountably great.


Every two years, at least one new level is added to the Tower just below the cupola. That uppermost casting platform is raised on ratcheting gantries to leave space for the perpetually-whirling fragments of stone to weave their way up the sides of the tower and into the open space. In this way, the tower is procedurally augmented constantly as the utmost spiral stair continues to wind into the heavens.   By the processes of gravity and istostacy, the Tower incidentally gains a new basement floor about every four years. The yeilding soil beneath the structure give way slowly, and evidently the tower is magically stabilized to prevent toppling. However, a new entryway needs to be busted through an upstairs wall every once in a while. Cracknuts doesn't like to talk about this aspect of the project.


The tower starts out very vaulted and voluminous, with wide rooms and spacious galleries. However, above the eleventh floor above ground (formerly the twentieth, see above), the whole tower is made of roughly-grouted fragments of limestone and sandstone, each about the size of a fist. The twenty-five stories of this cobbled tower make up a colossal and tapering grey-white spire which reaches ever upward. The whole tower is built to taper very slightly, and it is buttressed in nine directions at the base.


Potnutscrack had the (famously inadequate) foundation laid in 2251 upon his official retreat from society. Its first eight stories were built within two years, and it continues to build up year after year based on some powerful magic engine contained on the forbidden first floor, now on sublevel 9. Many visitors have sought to explore and study the tower and its artifice, but all with an interest in the mechanism of the self-building system are invariably turned away at the door, even if they conceal their unstated intent.
Alternative Names
Cracknuts's Pride, Not Cracnuts's Manliness, Big Stupid Stack of Rocks
Tower, Mage

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