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The Great Palace of the Triumphant Return

At the heart of the City of Ana-Mutansir, built onto the Great River itself, is an opulent estate displaying the full wealth of the Shining Empire. It's walls, doors, roofs and windows are all inlaid with fine metals, gems, and mother of pearl. It is the core of the city, which could not exist without it's everlasting watch.

Purpose / Function

The building was originally built as a testament to the triumphant return of God-King Khai'il, who slew the Dread Dragon 6 centuries ago and forged a new direction for the Shining Empire. It was built to fit enough space to entertain, clothe, rest and feed 100 noblemen without them ever having to meet, yet with the original intent that only one man, and their servants below, would ever occupy it at one time. This was in the name of divinity, as the God-King declared he needed to be shown luxury and space to grow so as to extend to his true power.


After living alone in the palace for 50 years, on the eve of it's completion, God-King Khai'il decided that to continue his legacy beyond his death, he would need to be wed and to bear children, and the only appropriate place for a family of the divine to live in would be his palace.   Once the purity and idealism of the original building was discarded, however, there was a rapid chain-reaction. The palace was later expanded to include many additional functions, such as guest lodging, royal burial grounds, education, coin-minting, imprisonment and torturing of heretics and criminals, and a barracks for the city guard. As these new areas were added, fortifications were placed between the sections so as to isolate them in the event of disaster.


Overall, Moorish architectural style. The building largely consists of many partitions, many of which are edged in pillars capped in domes of smoothly beaten gold. Many of the walls are crafted of sandstone or mudbrick covered in a thin arrangement of exotic materials, and occasional frescoes.


0 NKR: The Dread Dragon is slain, and God-King Khai-il proposes the concept of this palace. Sourcing of materials and architectural planning begins immediately 2 NKR: Work on the Palace begins 6 NKR: God-King Khai-il begins to live in the partially completed structure 24 NKR: Scholars first realize that God-King Khai'il is not showing any of the expected signs of aging, and realize this may be a manifestation of his divinity. 49 NKR: God-King Kha'il proposes his family. 53 NKR: The original design specifications are met, but God-King Khai'il is unsatisfied. 56 NKR: The barracks are completed 61 NKR: The prisons are completed 62 NKR: The mint is completed. For the first time in 6 decades, construction is not in progress.
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