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The Bonewastes

The Bonewastes are a stretch of open tundra at the heart of The Frostholds and home to the colossal remains of ancient white dragon of prodigious size. While the dragon is long dead its bones still thrum with power and it is thought to be the cause of the eternal winter that reigns in The Frostholds. The wastes have only grown over the years, white dragons at the end of their life seem to seek out the Bonewastes and add to the macabre display, laying down their bodies. Though of great academic curiosity, precious few academics are left in the world, and fewer still who are willing to brave such a harsh land as The Frostholds, let alone the Bonewastes proper, and as such the wastes remain poorly understood and will remain so. From a distance the towering spires of bone can be mistaken for a pale city obscured by snowdrifts, and a necropolis of sorts it is, as surely nothing could survive the bitterly sub-zero temperatures for long. Rumours of similar aggregations of dragons have reached some ears in The Splintered Coast but such tales even embellished as they must be do not reach the sheer scale of The Bonewastes.


Assumed to be a mass grave for white dragons, what draws them to it is unknown.


The great dragon which made the first contribution to The Bonewastes is presumed to have perished during The Shimmering along with many others of it's kind, as prior to this event there is no record of such an enormous landmark and The Frostholds were not yet known as such. To date there have been a small number of expeditions to scout the wastes but none who have not turned back in the face of the extreme cold have managed to return.
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