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The Spire of the Unseen

Far from any sign of civilization, deep in the wilds of the vast, wild forests claimed by the Caalaresti elves, stands a single ivory spire. Jutting, stark and towering, from the deep green sea of the pine forests of the north, dawn touches it first, long before the forest below it sees the light of the early morning.   Crafted, it seems, from smooth, lustrous ivory, it drinks in the sunlight. Despite it's polished appearance, it does not gleam or glint in the sunlight. Instead, the very stone that the ancient structure seems almost to be grown from glows as though lit from within, shedding a gentle, luminous radiance against the sky.   No windows or parapets mar it's perfect exterior, but as the day brightens, sigils and swirling patterns show themselves, shining brighter along the smooth flanks, elegant runes and decorative patterns drawing the eye ever upward.   For perhaps two hundred feet in a perfect circle around it, no trees grow. Grass and flowers surround the tower, creeping up to it's very base. Other than birds and insects, no sign of life shows itself around the glowing tower.

Purpose / Function

Crafted in an age beyond the memory of any but the elves, the purpose of this perfectly formed spire in the depths of the wild is all but unknown.   Examination of the runes and the swirling designs that decorate the exterior of structure seem to tell a story.   A story of a land out of time, a school drawn out of sync with time and reality. The Spire of the Unseen was the nexus of the Unseen, a sect of mages that wanted to uncover the hidden truths of world.   Legends from the most ancient records of the Caalaresti state that the Unseen will return once they have discovered the deepest truths of magic and reality itself.


The circle cleared of trees around the spire is marked with a wooden palisade, looking as though saplings had been grown and twisted against one another to form a fence or wall, barring access to the spire itself.
Tower, Mage

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