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The Great Baths of Syzot

The Great Baths of Syzot is an enormous single building located on lake Syzot, in the kingdom of the same name. The Baths is the largest building in the world near by to the largest lake in the world.

Purpose / Function

The Baths were built as a self contained community, people were born, lived, and died all within this enormous structure. While there's plenty of archaeological evidence of people living outside the building, it is the only permanent structure of the period discovered in the area.
Requiring countless man hours to carve, the city-building was originally built as a form of status for those who lived within.


Since it's re-occupation by the people of Syezot, the white limestone exterior has been covered in colorful banners, extra entrances have been opened into the walls, and an extensive shantytown has sprung up around the exterior of the building.


Tall carved pillars decorate the exterior but provide no real support. Think outer walls provide much of the support to the massive building. The building is rectangular in shape, contains 5 floors and a nearly million square feet of space.
A stream was diverted under the building and a rudimentary system of plumbing was carved into the rock.


The baths were carved from an enormous boulder that sloughed off a nearby mountain. It is estimated that anywhere between 5 and 10 thousand residents lived in the baths during the height of its occupancy. They were estimated to be occupied for over 100 years before the Age of Ignorance, and took a further 60 years to be fully abandoned by any organized population. The baths were occupied by different groups of pirates, bandits and various nefarious groups with the ability to clear out the previous residence. However, the baths, being built without defensive structures, never sheltered any group for long.
Now, the population of Syezot has reclaimed the residences in the building, and it serves as a symbol to the rich history of the area.
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