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Gille-Kalem Castle

Located on the large north east mountain, Gilisle Mountain, on Klocios, this large castle overlooks much of the surrounding island. Containing 5 divisions on the pathway up the castle keep has never been reached.   It's the seat of Clan Gille-Kalem, an old family with a long line of great earth mages, able to manipulate the stone to be easily moved, then hardened to near indestructible, the castle has been added on to and expanded for generations.   The main gate opens up to the East towards a near by river, on which a smallish town with docks and ships provides easy access to the ocean, and thus much of the world. The second side gate added later opens up to the west with a longer narrow trail eventually leaving the mountains, and with a few other trail offshoots that also go towards the lakes to the north.   The next project in the planning stage is to add a better source and a small farm inside the castle so it can better sustain itself during a siege. Historically it's been supplied by hidden underground passages towards the farmlands, which have to be guarded and changed up to reduce the risk of an army finding their way in if they find the tunnels.

Purpose / Function

Provide a highly defensible home for clan Gille-Kalem, and project control over a lot of land, and to unite the two clans under one family.


Originally there were only 2 divisions and the keep, since it's construction, the original path up has been expanded, and more divisions and gate houses added. Additionally a second path up was added from the other side, magically hardened and made resistant to change and a stone draw bridge, enchanted to be light but strong to make it more easily cut off. This second path is a lot narrower too so it can be easily defended by a few people.


Think European castle for now.


Originally constructed 900 years ago in 650, the castle was made to commemorate the joining of clans Gille and Kalem into one, and became their main hall. The keep itself was therefor made much larger than normal with nearly 60 guest rooms, which has steadily been increased, building both up and down into the ground as was necessary. Aditionally the ground for a good ways around the castle is hardened to discourage sappers and other attacks attempting to go under the castle.
Parent Location

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