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Piray Salt Flats

The Moonlit Flats

The monoliths glimmered in the moonlight. Crystals glowed with mana, energy feeding along the height of the structures and making each glow a distinct colour in the light. A group of desert bloodkeepers had come to this spot, not far off from their villages for a special event. Their shadows were long due to the moon hanging overhead, reflecting within the smaller circle of monoliths.   It was Lukcas' birthday. The young 'keeper stood along with their family, clad in a teal poncho and loose fitting khakis. His paws were bare, though his ankles were wrapped in tan bandages. His tail swayed against the sands as the village Elder did their typical speech, standing upon the southern monolith, their voice carried in the windless night.   While the Elder's fur was a rusted red with streaks of silver, Lukcas' fur was a vibrant red orange, contrasting the paler oranges and yellows of his fellow bloodkeepers that were standing behind him. His pack was clad in white ponchos and loose fitting pants and skirts, similar to his with the exception that none wore teal except for him and his village Elder.   "It's time Lukcas. Step into the circle."   Lukcas took a deep breath, his ears flicking back due to his nerves. He stepped forward, his paw pads getting damp as he stepped into the circle of monoliths.    

Purpose / Function

Originally the Piray Salt Flats were simply a lake, then a dried out lake. Eventually its appearance caused desert bloodkeepers to believe it was sacred, erecting architecture and making it a holy site that they protect fiercely.


Originally a lake, the Moonlit Salts dried up due to its lack of water due to being in such a heated climate. As it built up minerals over time, the salt pan began to host many colours of salt and other minerals, creating a colourful shine.   Desert bloodkeepers eventually took the site as their own and built lavish monoliths around its perimeter. These monoliths are to channel excess mana within the salt and minerals, so that bloodkeepers can store them and use them as needed during rituals.


Thirteen monoliths created with obsidian inlaid with carvings. There are seven slots on each monolith that house varying gemstones. These monoliths rest at the cardinal directions: North, South, East, West, North-East, North-West, South-East, and South-West. A smaller circle of the last five lay in a smaller circle closer to the center of the salt flat.


The Piray Salt Flats originally was a large lake within Piray's desert. Due to climate changes, it got less and less rain, causing it to dry up. Rainfall was enough to fill the Great Piray lake, however it continuously dried up, leaving salt and minerals on the lake bed floor.   Occasionally a rare misting of rain will cover the built up salt and create a sheen of dazzling light and colours. Many species native to Piray's deserts claim that on those nights, the magic in the air is intense enough to feel on your skin and that any rituals performed when the salt flat glimmers are more powerful than done elsewhere.
Location Type
Salt Flat
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Jul 4, 2018 20:15 by Tikal

You draw the art personally right? Because if so I always love the themes. I get a real sense of what your portraying just from the illustrations.   Also, I friggin love Monoliths.

Jul 4, 2018 23:25 by Terry-Lynn L

Thank you, I draw all the art myself! : D

Jul 4, 2018 20:20

Good article, I like the idea of a giant mana "focuser". My suggestion is to elaborate more on the monoliths if you can, I enjoyed the visuals you gave!

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I'm not saying you didnt give enough detail, I'd just like to know more :)

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Jul 4, 2018 20:31 by SirElghinn

Love the art, you are indeed quite talented. I'd love to read more about the salt flats. How do the bloodkeepers construct these monoliths? What is the purpose of the gemstones in the monoliths? Where does the obsidian come from? It's certainly a great premise, one which I could see you absolutely expanding on as you begin to focus on the details. Keep up the good work!

Jul 4, 2018 23:27 by Terry-Lynn L

Thank you! I do plan on working on more details soon; Since obsidian is easy to shatter, they actually use fire magic to heat it up and shape it the way they want. And it's easier to take mana out of the gemstones than the massive monoliths. And I currently dont have a specific location the obsidian is from.   Thank you though, I will be adding more detail soon! Maybe after the WASC!

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The art gives an amazing look into the flats - I like the contrast of the black pillars with the white flats a lot. The descriptions are also very vivid, I wish I could visit!

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Thank you! If you can get past the bloodkeepers guarding it you can go visit : p