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The Founder

"It was nearly morning when we saw him, the indication that we reached our journey's end. Our founder guarding the entrance to the harbour and showing ships the way. His eyes glowing, a pulsing red light in his chest, just like we remembered it. We were home." - Fragment of a Sailor's Diary

Purpose / Function

The Founder is a colossal statue, guarding the harbour of Velamare. It's primary purpose is serving as a way of showing ships the way. For this purpose, both of his eyes are magical infused gemstones of enormous size, glowing with a reddish light. In his chest, a large window with a magical red pulsing light behind it is present, this represents his heart.   Around the pulsing light in his chest, a temple is located. Here is the main place of worship to Tempor. The temple is quite simple: a large open floor build around the light, with beautiful tapestries on the floor for people to pray on. The light itself is a place of offering: offers to Tempor are thrown in there, varying from foods to riches brought from abroad.


The Founder is made from dark blue stone, the kind usually found on the bottom of the ocean. It's framework is made from adamantine. The glass in it's chest is crystal based and it's eyes are two large rubies. In his left hand he holds a book, and in his right a staff. His hat is a traditional seafarers cap.


The monument was finished in 280 aA, after being in construction for 12 years. It was build for the 300th anniversary of the city and was mainly a display of wealth by the doge of that time. The statue initially was rushed, which lead to many parts of the construction being unstable. It's left arm broke of only 25 years after the construction in 325 aA. In 372 aA a large restoration progress was started, a new arm was constructed and the structure was reinforced. A reinforced sea wall was also build around the statue, so that the constant crashing of waves into the base of it wouldn't weaken it even further. Once the restoration was finished in 380 aA, the statue never had any structural problems.
Monument / Statue, Large

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