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The Saantari, Empire of the Dawn

The Saantari was an ancient empire that clashed with the fledgling Danitharn Monarchy for control of Altir. The Saantari were a desert people how had a close connection with the Covenant and so they had a strength with magic. The desert and this inborn magic molded the Saantari and made them who they were: masters of magic with a focus on battel and war. And so thier empire grew from the sands and the fires of those they burned. They were a terrifying power till they met their match in the sunsteel clad armies of the Danitharn monarchy. So awesome was the clash of so great of power it is said it leveled mountains, boiled seas, and caused the gods to pause and tremble.


The organization of the Saantari is based on power and power is based on magical prowess and prowess in battle. It is a very warlike empire. A citizens kills in battle and strength in magic denotes their place in the hierarchy, doesn't matter if thy're man or woman. the strongest leads as emperor and because of the structure of it they are prone to being deposed frequently.

Public Agenda

To expand their territory, gain wealth, renown, and magical power and to strike fear into the hearts of any and all


Number one among them: Jashite. Jashite is a mineral that increases magical power. also the other wealth of the desert they came from: gold, salt, and other rare materials not found in the rest of Altir. Strong troops, and many mages also.


On the peninsula that would be known as Quor, the Saantari lived as a fractured people amidst the sands. That changed when the strongest sorcerer decided to unite them. Through fire he bent all of the Saantari chiefs to his will and so the Empire of the Dawn was born from ash and sand. And it continued to rise. With discovery of Jashite their magics increased and they built and empire to rival all. The empire decided to strike out to new territories with is armies of sorcerer-warriors. It was on the plains which would be called Mazrin where they met the Danitharn. North born people armed with weapons and armor that could not be touched by magic. So the Saantari fell but not without striking a terrible blow to the Danitharn Monarchy.

Struitur Scinere (meaning Built from Ashes)

Geopolitical, Empire
Alternative Names
The Dawn Empire, Saantaris

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