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The Whispering Island

"Once those dark storms hit, the Island had no hope. That day rained blood from the skies over it. None survived. Not a single soul"
- A citizen of Bihulling, near the Intrepid Isles
  Once an idyllic place of rest, the Whispering Island is home to only the bodies of its past. No one knows what has come to be of the island, but many spare a thought to it every so often, wondering what could have risen from the wreckage.  

Before the Rains

Known for the whispering sound that occurs when a breeze passes through the porous rocks that span the island, the Whispering Island was a thriving fiefdom, and held hundreds of inhabitants who worked tirelessly to enjoy their lives. It was a paradise for those who could afford to travel there for a break from their ordinary lives.   It housed a sprawling complex of houses for visitors to rent by the week, and plenty of activities for them to partake in, as well as lovely beaches and secluded coves spread across the shores. Activities included archery, apple picking at the orchard, and croquet, amongst others.   Farms spread across the island to support the fief, growing corn and wheat, as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Visitors were able to move across the island with ease, enjoying a carefree vacation.  

After the Rains

Now, the Whispering Island is visited only by those who have a death wish, the whispering of the rocks now a horrific cry for help. The island is all but abandoned. Stories tell of the creatures that walk the island, but none can claim to have seen them and survived.   Many have tried to search the island for any goods to claim as a treasure for themselves, but none of them have ever returned.   The island lies in the back of the thoughts of the nearby towns and is thought to now be a crumbling ruin after being assaulted by storm after storm without repair. Every few years, a group of ill-informed and naive men and women will attempt to set foot on the island, but much like the original inhabitants, they are never seen again.   Theories float about of the origin of the darkened storm that came to pass over the island. Some believe it to be from secret devil worship underneath the main complex of the island, while others think it was a form of divine intervention, though for what reasons is unknown.
Vacation spot, now ruin


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15 Jul, 2018 02:04

A very intriguing notion. I would be interested to know if anyone ever considered trying to resettle the area, or if the notion of what had occurred would have driven them from that placeforever.

15 Jul, 2018 05:07

Most places wouldn't consider it because it's too large a usage of resources to attempt it for a such a small place.

15 Jul, 2018 06:20

Wow! I felt sad that such a beautiful island could not be enjoyed anymore. Are there any particular goods that adventurers are looking for or that they believe to be on the island?

15 Jul, 2018 06:25

You'd have to go there to find out!

15 Jul, 2018 06:36

I'm curious how this is situated, you mention that the island is in the back of the minds of those who live in towns nearby. Does that mean the island is in a bay? or perhaps a large inland lake?   As the article is for an island in itself I wouldn't think this would be referring to settlements on the island, rather that the townships mentioned would likely be close enough to warrant the constant thought of it.

15 Jul, 2018 06:42

It's in a form of bay area. Other islands are further out from it and act as a massive tide break for it, and it isn't quite in the ocean proper. Once my map is completed, it'll be easier to see how it works out, I promise!

15 Jul, 2018 06:47

So is the storm still there?

15 Jul, 2018 06:51

No, no it is not. Though it does tend to be very overcast over the island.

15 Jul, 2018 06:57