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Gol Sedros

On the shores of the great Ara Shae river of Mirrormere stand the ruined palace of the Archlord Narcissus, the fey king of autumn. The surrounding lands have dwindled from finely kept agrarian scapes to a miserable, wet forest where Narcissus once roamed with his eldest sister. The fallen kingdom of Sedros now seems caught in a perpetual dusk, one where the light drizzle and mist attracts creatures in mourning from all across the universe. At the center of this gloom stands the palace itself, an ancient construction of mirrored glass, reduced in many places to a crystal powder. Narcissus still dwells there, in the ruins of his family's ancestral home.

Purpose / Function

What remains of the glory of Gol Sedros is a stark reminder to all people that even immortality can dwindle to nothing. From a distance, Sedros appears to stand intact, in all its ancient splendor. As one approaches, though, the disrepair grows more apparent, and the lake that surrounds the palace is revealed to be swampy and filled with dead, drowned creatures of all kinds. Within the ancient throne room, Narcissus sits hunched on his long-forgotten throne, holding an eternal audience with empty eyes. It is said that his haunted gaze can inspire hopelessness in the most stout of Mortal hearts.


Since its construction, Gol Sedros has never once withstood a siege or attack. No force other than time has ever attempted to breach its walls.   Time, in all her inexorable motion, has succeeded in reducing the former glory of the Mirror Palace to dust.


It seems impossible to imagine the Mirror Palace being constructed with anything aside from the raw force of Words of ancient Archlords. The sandy shores of the Mirrormere make fine glass when manipulated properly, and it seems likely that Narcissus himself used his lost art of the Word to create the palace himself. Alas, this technique only lives within the vacancy of Narcissus' mind.
Parent Location

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