Ironhedge's Keep

To the south of, what is now the Principality of Rande, was a tower.
Created by Zuriel after her fall from Yggdrasil, Ironhedge's Keep was during a long time a haunt for dubious and immoral experiences.
This dungeon and its origin are a secret for all commoners, except those who are interested in the subject. It is surrounded by mystery.

Purpose / Function

It's a big metal tower, well, it was an advanced technology center. Its designer, and it is assumed, only inhabitant was the creator of the The Longinus. It is said that this is where the The Longinus would have been conceived. This tower was a laboratory designed so that nothing came out. Because Zuriel devoted himself to all sorts of experiments and sometimes the result was uncontrollable.


Camouflaged by a powerful illusion, the tower from a distance seems to be a mountain. in reality, it is a very tall and wide metal tower. Its rather rudimentary appearance suggests that it is a tower of the industrial age. But its appearance does not suit its advanced technological level.


Benefiting from a direct support of the Ancestors, it was an area for a long time protected from curious glances and especially from unfortunate incidents. But after the Fall, the dungeon lost its protection and an accident occurred. The relics of the Longinus were able to escape and most of them disappeared into the wild.   Abandoned, it became a ruin which was later used by Azazel to build the wall of Rande.
Alternative Names
The dungeon of the unavowable


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