"When people make a decision, they only see two choices and choose one but not the other because it is an" impossible "solution, but I am the other side of the coin, because for me, the word "impossible" does not exist.
— Zuriel
  Member of The Council of the Theocracy of Homeca is the scientific leader within the group. She manages the development of human technology and monitors weapons maintenance. She has newly founded a new military order: The Peace keepers .  

Story of an inventor:

When she was an Angel

Known as the ToyMaker, the Angels referred to her as the "Other". She created all sorts of machines and gadgets for the entertainment of Norma. Boredom was, and still her worst enemy. She had to find new distractions and for that, it was necessary to diversify pleasures. She even went so far as to create new creatures with the help of Lucifer and Hamel including the 7 deadly sins . A deep bond was built between Norma and Zuriel, they even said they were accomplices. But during the tournament with Ddraig and Albion, she was banned from the top of Yggdrasil after countering an attack of Albion with one of her own attacks. She was one of Norma's favorite Angels, so she got angry and began to rave about her as Norma let him down.  
"I served a selfish person, I knew it already, but I prefer that the selfish be my own person."
— Zuriel

As a Fallen Angel

After his fall, Zuriel found other Fallen Angels, who wanted to help each other to get back up. But, having been a close friend of Norma, she was in the day of certain information like the fact that the ascent which they planned to make was vain. Despite her anger, she participated in their plans. They defied the Princes and Kings of Hell, and defeated Beelzebub but were unable to defeat the other demons except Adriel who took the lead. She left the others to begin research and she discovered that her power was decreasing. She then searched for a solution and found it but only if she had a Yggdrasil seed. After this discovery, she turned to the species created by the Ancestors to find another solution.   The Ancestors explained to her the characteristics of their creations but they refused to give her living beings for her experiments. She then contented herself with corpses that she sometimes revived as guinea pigs.
"Do not even think a second power to slaughter our children, because unlike you, we are still tied to Norma and would be informed as soon as possible."
— Dae'lo
However, she became more ambitious and did not pay attention to the Ancestors' warnings about experimenting with living beings and began making farms or concentration camps for her experiments. She then discovered that the Elves had magic parts in addition to the usual organs and tried to understand if the Angels too was done in the same way.   When she got wind of Lucifer's exile, she rushed to meet him and went mad when she saw that the famous Lucifer's Tower was actually a seed of Yggdrasil. He had an arrangement with Deusalba to collect books and other archives from around the world and that was one more reason for Zuriel to meet him. When she was received by him, she was deeply disappointed to see that Lucifer would not cooperate in his experiences that he called "monstrous".  
"You wish to return to the top of Yggdrasil because you are an Angel, you want to regain your power and your glory because you are an Angel, but know that you are no longer entitled to this because with what you have did you also lose your Angel title. "
— Lucifer
  But in his mercy, he still gave her access to the writings he had collected. Civilizations being recent, the insights of the texts were high but the number of potentially interesting texts was low. Seeing that this was futile, she left to look for other information elsewhere.  

An inventor in The Council

Seduced by the innumerable possibilities offered to her, Zuriel followed Abbadon, Hamel, Sariel and Adriel in the formation of a Council to control the Theocracy of Homeca and start a war that will upset the world. Zuriel was not only attracted by the possibility of satisfying her needs for experiments but also of being able to destroy the world that this "friend" had created, a very enticing option in itself. Thanks to her experience, she quickly established a wide range of weapons and offensive means. She gave many technical means to the Humans who hastened to use them. Zuriel also proposed to The Council to share knowledge with the Flugel who would surely have very useful information that Deusalba would have given them. Thus, the Flugels became the information collectors of the Council and exchanged several secrets which allowed Zuriel to create the firearms and the Battle Tank. In just 22 years Homeca's Theocracy was ready for war, but the Angels were not. [Br] The siege of the two dwarf cities taught Zuriel several things:
  1. Do not allow your enemies, time to prepare for an attack. Dwarven cities being real bastions, they were even more impregnable on alert.
  2. The number of soldiers is important. Even if a good strategy can compensate for the number, there must be more Humans to be replaced.
  3. The weapons have their weight during the battle and already define the chances of victories.
She then began developing new weapons and tools that could change the game.   [Br]

A turning point in the war

Although functional, it took several years to Zuriel to demonstrate her inventions. She never stopped perfecting them. She then presented the Sanctuaries and the Teleportation circles and laserarms and more powerfull Battle Tanks. All these new technologies met the three criteria of war that they failed during the sieges. [Br] But even though it meant having unlimited soldiers who could intervene quickly in an efficient way, that was not enough for her. She wanted to achieve perfection that humans could not achieve alone. She thus resumed old researches on the human transmutation, the cloning, the crossing between species. But most of them ended in misshapen failures that did not survive long. When a guinea pig died, she threw it into the forest of Rarin where it would die. But one day, she discovered creatures that survived. Delighted, she took them from affection and brought them back to study them. Half-Humans and Half-Animal or Half-insects, which were chimeras of genetics became perfect living creatures. An in-depth diagnosis showed that nature simply "repaired" these creatures. Thus were born the Half-humans. Zuriel carefully studied her survivors and made other crossings on the same pattern and left them in the forest. Half-humans multiplied and diversified. But this discovery was not unanimous. It was granted that some would be useful on construction sites and battlefields but it was out of the question to put "half human" in an army that was fighting for the supremacy of humans. However, they were kept alive but they remain discriminated against.  

A long boredom that is coming to an end

In 10 731, she refused the invitation of Azazel to join her organization. Overall, after the year 11,000, Zuriel remained reserved enough to take care of his business and that of the war in parallel.   Recently, with the inventions of Extension, she amused herself by creating new weapons and became affectionate for some Humans and their likes to pronounce for the war and its technology as Linlo the Fairy of Death. But she, too, wanted to have her own military order of which she could do what she wanted. Thus was created The Peace keepers and there were included humans of his choice.
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