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The Council

The Council was founded after the Fallen. It is composed of Fallen Angels who consider Humanity as a toy of Norma. They are five and have been directing human society for millennia by dividing tasks among themselves:
  • Abbadon: Responsible for civilians, he deals with the country's politics;
  • Hamel: In charge of finances and stocks, he manages everything that can be counted;
  • Sariel: In charge of culture, he collects and sorts information in the Theocracy;
  • Adriel: In charge of the military, he is the strategist and the general of the armies;
  • Zuriel: In charge of scientists, she oversees the technological development of Humans.
  • Structure

    Each of the angels has a voting right that allows everyone to express their opinion. In large votes, the action is undertaken only if there is unanimity. But since his coronation, Charioce 1st is the leader of the council, but the others have a right to vote.


    Founded two years after the Fall, the fallen angels led by Abbadon, used their powers to take control of the little theocracy that wanted to be a great nation. But one day, they found the sacred sword Durandal who was an obstacle to the equality in their group. The decision was to entrust the guard of this sword to Adriel. But the 15/1/13952A.F., a human was able to steal the Durandal from Adriel and used it for the murder. Forced by force, they crowned Chritopher von Maria, king of the Theocracy of Homeca under the name of Charioce the First the 12/3/13952A.F.


  • Abbadon
  • Hamel
  • Sariel
  • Adriel (until the 12/3/13952A.F.)
  • Zuriel
  • Charioce 1st (after the 12/3/13952A.F.)
  • the counsil

    Organization structure

    Counsil before charioce
    Each one was equal to the other.  
    Counsil under charioce
    But then Charioce took this equality and the power.
    Governmental, Ministry
    Notable Members