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Overall, elves are very similar to men despite some differences. The elves have pointed ears, which makes it possible to distinguish them from humans without ambiguity. The Elves are Men endowed with aesthetic and creative faculties much more developed than the Humans, of superior beauty and a longer life, and nobility. The Elves are endowed with a very great beauty or exceptional and ethereal beauty, they are slender and very thin and can appear fragile like glass, their grace is often described as aerial and they often have an abundant and beautiful hair.   Elves have an exceptional longevity. Once they reach adulthood, they do not age. Diseases have almost no effect on them. Only a serious injury can kill them. We find elves with several hundred or even several thousand years of existence. This immortality, even relative, obviously gives them a vision of life and the world totally different from that of humans. Elves are fond of melancholy and nostalgia.   Elves are generally smarter than humans, or at least wiser, partly because of their exceptional longevity. They have ancestral knowledge, especially in the field of trees, plants... They live very close to nature. They are endowed with magical powers.   Their senses are particularly refined and far superior to those of Humans, especially with regard to sight and hearing. Their vision is excellent. They also have night vision. The voice of the elves is particularly pleasant to listen to. It is sometimes compared to the murmur of water.   They are very agile and fast. Their reputation as excellent archers is legendary, they are formidable hunters and fine warriors.   Elven civilization is always closer to nature, much more harmonious, more refined, and more aesthetic than the human civilizations that often appear brutal and wild or at least much more primitive. Elves generally hate dwarfs because of their physical appearance: elves are tall, thin and slender, while dwarves are small, broad and resistant.

Civilization and Culture

Average Technological Level

The elves have discovered and use magic. They use it to power their machine.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Elves hate Flugels, with whom they share a common interest in knowledge.
Between 3000 et 4500 years old
Average Height
Between 1m80 and 1m90 on average. In rare cases between 1m60 and 1m80
Average Weight
Less than 80kg in general