Leader of the Demons as Satan, Norma changed him into an Angel because she liked him a lot and renamed him Lucifer. But he was not interested in serving Norma, and by dint of being pushed to extremes, she banished him from Yggdrasil but he had already left. To keep his purity, he took a bark of the World Tree, and applied magic on it to create the Lucifer's Tower in the Daramah's Desert.
Eight years after his exile, he was visited by the Fallen Angels, wounded and weakened, to whom he explained why they had lost all their power. He granted the return of this power to Adriel when he begged him.

Physical Description

Body Features

Unlike all Fallen Angel, he's got white wings.

Identifying Characteristics

He's got a piercing on the left ear.

Apparel & Accessories

He wear a red light armor.
Dark blue
White short hair
Ruled Locations