Divinity of Life

Norma is the Divinity of Life, she gave birth to a people, called The Ancestors, to look after the surrounding world. She lives on top of Yggdrasil, a giant tree that she has grown. It's his little paradise. She created the Demons for her own entertainment and the Angels to take care of her. But one day, the Ancestors left the surface of Anathema leaving their place to the races they created themselves. Norma then returned to history as the only goddess. His words were simple: "Your creators had a job to do, but they are no longer there to do it, so it's up to you to care about the world."   Nobody knows her face. We know very little about her and all we know, we hold it from the Fallen Angels.

Physical Description

Body Features

She's wearing a mask.

Identifying Characteristics

Light orbs float around her.

Special abilities

Immortality, omniscience, omnipotence, all powerful in itself.

Mental characteristics

Accomplishments & Achievements

Created the World Tree and the race of Ancestors, angels and demons.

Morality & Philosophy

The world is his playground and the living, those servants, but in one case a life should not be wasted.


Lazy, disinterested.

Personality Characteristics

Likes & Dislikes

Likes to lizard in the Sun. Likes to be pampered. Don't like annoyances and those who wake her up when she sleeps.

Vices & Personality flaws

Deep blue
Approximately 60m