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Rogas house

Once there was a grand place it is now ruins it was rogas house it was destroyed when Nadia attacked the town. The wood seems very tough for wood it seems that it could not be broken easily by steel. There have been tests on the wood but it is not the really good steal wood. There are tourist sites around the building ruins and through them. On the right side there is the statue of roga wich has tours around the statue. It is very large it is around two aceres of land wich half of it is the garden and fountains and training areas that weren't destroyed in the fight. The training ground areas ares still used today because there hopping that they might be able to stop Nadia and destroy the cult.There is one area that is of limits and there is rumors that there is a safe that looks like a strong house tha is a safe that no one knows how to get inside. We still know what it looks like today in the world because there are paintings of the house in the museum of art in the land of beasts. It is the largest house ever recorded in history.

Purpose / Function

It's purpose was to keep roga and her family but it was destroyed so the heirs of roga are keeped away in hidling for some reason.


The architecture is half between chinese and Japanese building type it has a strong big pillar that still stands in the center that held th building up and really good base construction. It wa very unusual to have a house like it in the area around there because most of the time it is just huts in the town.
Alternative Names
It is also known as the great house

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