Starred Church

The starred church is a famous ruin left from the @walled empire. The starred church was one of the many churches erected during the empires reign. The Starred Church is special not for its architecture, though it is quite magnificent, but for its location. The Starred church can be found in a crater with three arches of stone caging it in. the stone meet at a center point, looking like a star from above.   When the Walled Empire fell, the location of the church had its care takers abandon it. It is out of the way with nothing life sustaining nearby, no river, no lake, no sky islands, no natural caves. The building itself has been kept in incredible condition over the centuries, despite the neglect. If one were to view it for the first time, one would not assume it to be a ruin from the distant past. There is now a village nearby, gaining money by having the spectacle as a tourist attraction (and that they redirected a river and some sky islands to sustain life).   The Starred Church was built to worship and send soldiers to Oo'Ee'Eh'Ah. The aboveground portion of the church is fairly standard, white stone molded and carved into swirling spires and rounded rooms, but it is the underground portion where people wish to visit. Under the church is a vas mausoleum of countless skeletons rested in beds in the wall. The walls are lined with roots of trees, to send the deceased to Waiting Paradise. The underground caverns did not fare as well as the building above. Portions of the cavern had caved in, flooded, and had be ravaged by fires.   It is believed that the church was no more unique to the Walled people than any of their other churches. The natural geography had them build it where they felt they could be closer to the angels, though this is just a theory.


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