Walled Empire

The Walled Empire was a small empire of Tsohtsi, Humi, and Solumkerd south of mount. Witch. The empire, at its peak, spanned from modern Dohyoshyr, south to Modyr, and north-east to Raehyr. The Walled people lived and breathed by the doctrine of Kanøu. They built many churches of worship, one of the more famous being the @starred church. The tsohtsi were the highest members of the church, being priests and bishops. This is not to say that there were no humi or solumkerd priests, only that the tsohtsi far outnumbered them and were more zealous.
  The walled people built many churches and monuments to the angles and seraphim of Oo’Ee’Eh’Ah. Many of these statues can be seen today, standing in museums or even in their originally, or later moved to, buildings. The walled people were best known for their elaborate systems of short range teleporters. As the kingdom had tsohtsi in the sky, humi on the ground, and solumkerd under the ground, they had to have easy ways from traversing vertically in one city. To do this they built many stylized teleporters, the basis for modern ksech. Modyr is what remains of the once great empire, still having such a vas territory because of their history.
  The empire began with the kingdom of Wul, a small piece of what is now Modyr. As legend has it, the village Wul sprang from originated by a tsohtsi island staying in place over a humi village which was also over a solumkerd cave. Though this is more of a legend than fact, providing a reason the three were meant to work together. In truth, it is because they lived in the same area that they came to converse, trade, and find commonality in religion with each other. The people of Wul sent missionaries to adopt their doctrine, something more succesful than anyone could have imagined. The more areas accepted Kanøu the more areas came in contact with Wul. Wul became the center of their religious efforts, and thus their capital. The kingdom spread east and west, avoiding the south and the sohpes and avoiding the north with Mount. Witch.
  No one is quite sure how The Walled empire collapse. Some say it is because their people lost faith, other claim that a plague had fractured the empire to be smashed by other empires, and others claim it was due to their overreliance on having villages with three layers (sky, land, ground) and how expensive the villages were to create and keep. Whatever the reason, the empire fractured and the people became separate once more.


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