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Many have searched for the Dreamspire, but no one has found it to date. The Spire is described as a grand tower, one that represented the wealth and power of the Covenant of Dreams. It acted as their seat of power, with the archmages gathering there for decision making and rituals. Some say it was able to move location and it simply moved somewhere where we can't find it. Other theories include it being destroyed, but in that case ruins must be found somewhere. The most commonly accepted theory is that the building crumbled, but was planeshifted while it was crumbling. Until we find it's remains, the truth might never be known. The only thing that we are certain of is that it once existed. - On Elven Culture, T. Isharai

Purpose / Function

The dreamspire served as the government building of the Covenant of Dreams, a place where the archmages gathered to make decisions. The building was also used for complicated magical rituals, ones often involving multiple schools of magic. Supposedly, the most powerful artifacts the Covenant of Dreams made where also made and stored inside the spire.


According to a description by an elven mage, Romaris Fireleaf, the spire was made out of marble infused with magical energy. A long, elegant marble structure made up the center, rising high into the clouds. That structure was surrounded by eight smaller towers, all infused with different magical properties to represent every school of magic. Bridges connected these outer towers with the central spire.


The dreamspire was constructed at the height of the Covenant of Dreams's power, around 500 bA. It was a collective effort of all eight cities making up the covenant and was constructed not only as a show of power but also because they required a place to hold meetings: many archmages refused to visit other cities because of internal rivalry, so neutral ground was required.   Around 200bA, at the same time the covenant crumbled, the spire fell. Witnesses say they saw the building falling, but then it simply disappeared in a flash of light. According to most theories, the mages inhabiting the tower made the structure planeshift in an effort to preserve it. Since then, no one has found it's whereabouts. Many have searched for it and expeditions to other planes continue to this day, but until a clue is found, it's very unlikely anyone will rediscover the Dreamspire.

200 bA
Government complex
Owning Organization
Covenant of Dreams

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