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Covenant of Dreams

Eight cities existed in the so called Covenant of Dreams, each representing a separate school of magic. The cities where governed by an arch mage. These mages ruled over the confederation. All of these cities are now gone, some most likely got destroyed while others planeshifted. One day we might uncover their secrets, but not much is known about them to date. What we do know is that they were technologically advanced and that their cities were elven in nature. Maybe they will return one day. After the Covenant disappeared, Meiteikoku was founded on the same lands, rediscovering many of their technologies. - On Elven Culture, T. Isharai


The Covenant was organised in eight major cities, each representing a different school of magic. Each one of these cities had an archmage at it's head, one specializing in the school their city was known for. The archmages then formed the council governing the Covenant. Archmages were elected for life, resulting in many of them prolonging their life through various means.


The few ruins of the Covenants of Dreams that are left hold great treasures, most of them magical artifacts and precious materials. Their wealth was immense, with the thousands of magical artifacts proving this. It's assumed that their other assets like the military, infrastructure and buildings must've been substantial, although not much is known about those.


The Covenant likely came into existence roughly 1500 years before the arrival, but most cities date from an earlier time. It ended after an invasion around 200 bA. Many cities fell, while others planeshifted never to return again. Meiteikoku came after the Covenant disappeared, taking their place as new major civilization on Audarun.

Dreams Unite

Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
Elven Covenant, Union of Elves
Government System
Power Structure
Controlled Territories

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